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Council Member Dave Martin – District E

Phone: 832.393.3008
FAX: 832.393.3279

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City Hall Annex
900 Bagby, First Floor
Houston, TX 77002
Clear Lake Office
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Council Member at Large Stephen C. Costello

Phone: 832.393.3014
FAX: 832.393.3347

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City Hall Annex
900 Bagby, First Floor
Houston, TX 77002

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Stop Trendmaker Development in the Clearlake Wetlands

To: Dave Martin, City Council Member - District E
To: Stephen Costello, Council Member at Large 1

We are concerned and strongly object to the proposed residential and retail development of land in the Clear Lake area by Trendmaker Homes and Fidelis at El Dorado and Clear Lake City Blvd. for the following reasons:

• Promises of adjacent undeveloped land in perpetuity: At the time of purchasing their homes, Friendswood Development assured new homeowners that this land would remain undeveloped land in perpetuity.

• There are adjacent homeowner concerns about the safety of existing underground storage tanks and old wells, as well as the difficulty of locating all gathering lines to insure there is no current and future soil and water contamination.

• There may be inadequate detention to support the increased flooding into adjacent neighborhoods when substantial green space and natural wetlands are eliminated.

• Traffic will be significantly increased and jeopardize the safety of children and adults crossing Clear Lake City Boulevard to go from one side of the neighborhood to the other.

• Green space along Clear Lake City Blvd may turn into concrete, with a significant number of 30-50’trees and recently built by City of Houston sidewalk eliminated to build more lanes- increasing traffic noise for adjacent homes and reducing the beauty and value of our neighborhood.

• This area is home to an abundance of wildlife and will become ‘nuisance’ animals to many residents once their homes are destroyed and/or are killed as a result of the development.

• Abundant developed vacant commercial space exists less than 3 miles from the proposed development. Green space is highly preferred verses more parking lots and commercial buildings.

• The development negatively and severely impacts delineated wetlands, home to one of the last prairie pothole complexes in the Houston area.

• Existing wetlands: The Armand Potholes area is a unique geologic formation - one of the last prairie pothole complexes left in the Houston area. Prairie potholes, (concave remnants of ancient river channels) once covered millions of acres on the Texas Gulf Coast. Only a few thousand acres are left today. These freshwater depressions, formed thousands of years ago and shaped by wind, by buffalo and other creatures, are irreplaceable geographical legacies - one of the most diverse on earth. Once they are gone, there is no replacing them. Their diverse concentric zones provide fresh water and support a variety of plants and trees – vital habitat to over hundreds of species of resident and migrating birds as well as resident wildlife. (See for an example of an adjacent neighborhood prairie pothole).



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